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Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, EMEA

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“Prepare and organize our customers for cybersecurity with governance, tools, behavior, legislation, innovation and intelligence.” a UBCOM brand

Intelligence and Economic Vigilance


In the context of legislative changes in the European Union, Ubcom decided to launch a Business Unit dedicated to cybersecurity: UBcyber – Intelligence and Economic Vigilance.


With the democratization of new innovative products (IoT, robots, Industry 4.0, etc.), digital is now everywhere.

These new technologies make work easier, but they also generate new computer vulnerabilities that hackers can potentially exploit.

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What is a cyber-attack ?

With the advantage of having an external point of view and our expertise in this expanding field, UBCOM is positioned as an expert in cybersecurity. It is a confidential, strategic and very engaging approach for companies.

At UBCOM, our first rule of a (cyber) security strategy is “don’t talk about it”. The second one is to systematically and permanently question this strategy to guarantee both the agility and the long term reliability of the organization.

Networks are generally well protected from outside threats, but today, the risk is more of an internal one.